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Plasma Cutting Machine Revolutionizes the Affordability and Functionality of the CNC Cutting World.

The PlasmaCAM CNC cutting system has been found to be one of the most well-rounded machines for the large production facility all the way down to the home hobbyist.

In the past, CNC plasma cutting systems, laser cutting systems and water-jet systems were cost-prohibitive to many metalworking enthusiasts. But now, the PlasmaCAM brings an affordable ready-to-cut system within the budget reach of the home hobbyist. Click here for more information

Amazing Functionality and Versatility

The PlasmaCAM can cut intricate artistic projects as well as mechanical parts while keeping tight tolerances with the desired specifications.

One thing that makes the machine so affordable is because it uses a standard handheld plasma cutting torch to do the cutting.

Plasma cutting isn't the only thing that this machine can do. You can mount a wood router onto it and instantly turn it into a lean mean CNC wood routing machine!

The PlasmaCAM software is an all-in-one drawing and cutting program that saves valuable time as well as reducing the learning curve for operators who are new to the CNC world. The software not only can be used to draw and cut parts, but you can import images and quickly convert them into plasma cutting format.

Intricate Artwork

Several art packages with different themes are available on CD from PlasmaCAM. These art disks include several scaleable, ready-to-cut silhouettes to be used in your projects.

The PlasmaCAM is a very useful tool to create wall hangings, clocks, coffee tables, lamps, security doors, window guards, gates, signs, mechanical parts, etc., just to name a few.

A shop with a PlasmaCAM, is a shop with incredible capabilities.

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